CancelBillBill Belichick just dunking on everyone with the decision to outright cancel the final two OTA’s. Mike Reiss announced on Twitter this afternoon that the Patriots were done preparing until Training Camp:

Just like that, Belichick puts a dagger into the media and their questions surrounding the availability of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski at OTA’s this week, after both of them mustered enough energy to appear at mandatory camp last week. Brady and Gronkowski were holding out of the OPTIONAL(emphasis is Belichick’s) team activities, and now Bill just says “screw it” and the team is saying it was because of the players’ strong performance thus far.


The choice to cut down the OTAs and give the reason that the players did so great they don’t need two additional sessions to improve. This is Belichick’s way of proving to his players that did show up that he appreciated it, and furthers the issue with Brady and Gronk. Bill is slapping them back in the face as they have both slapped him around all off-season. Bill is saying that he doesn’t need his QB or TE to have an incredible camp. This is another carefully calculated move by the master of mind games himself, I just wonder what Brady and Gronk are going to fire back with.

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