Why Does Major League Baseball Hate the Future?

No surprise here, the NFL is front and center for a money-making opportunity. 

There are a few questions that came to mind when the announcement of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling regarding legalized sports betting: How fast is this going to happen? What will happen to DraftKings? Will there be any resistance?


The speed of the decision depends on where you live.  DraftKings is ready to go. But, will there be any push back from any of the Big Four sports? As you could’ve guessed, Major League Baseball is not happy with the way things are going. This Article from ESPN goes in depth and shows how Manfred was pleading not only with the state of West Virginia, but the entire nation, to delay their decision on sports betting. Manfred even asked us to think of the poor children!


Of course, when presented with this ruling, the NFL handled things completely differently. Commissioner Roger Goodell isn’t fighting what is clearly written on the wall. He wants to get the most out of this decision for the NFL, as seen in point two in his four point plan. He wants to make a lot of money on licensing, which means partnerships are going to be huge for this.


Adam Silver and the NBA are already discussing creative ways leagues should be compensated. The NBA proposes that each league get a 1% cut of the total amount bet on their games. The NBA is doing more for MLB than MLB is in this situation!


Do you know how bad it is for baseball? It is so bad that even Gary Bettman has a great outlook on how this ruling can impact the growth of his game; even though he was against the ruling initially. Even Bettman can accept that this could have positives for the future of his sport.


Hopefully Major League Baseball can come to its senses before it’s too late, but they will go kicking and screaming. Poor Pete Rose.

Biggest Takeaway from Belichick’s Press Conference



Screencap from @Patriots Twitter


Is that Charlie Daniels or Bill Belichick? Wow! This is the first time I can ever recall seeing Belichick with any type of facial hair whatsoever. Clearly this entire situation with Brady and Gronkowski has driven him to the edge. Belichick is not a beard guy. Never has been. Not sure if this is a great decision at this point in his career. Even the guy behind him can’t believe that Bill is crazy enough to try and pull this off.



Manaea-cial Athletics Top Sox 6-5, Yankees in First


Sean Manaea owns the Red Sox.

It was bad enough that the Red Sox had to go up against the same guy who no-hit them a few weeks ago in Oakland, but this game found the Sox in a much different position than they were on April 21st. When Manaea no-hit Boston, the Sox stood at 17-3 and a comfortable 6.5 games ahead of the New York Yankees.


Fast forward to less than a month later, and the Red Sox are 1/2 of a game out of first place after losing to Oakland 6-5 on Monday evening. The Yankees had the night off, but the recent stats suggest they probably would have won if they played. Since the Red Sox were no-hit by Manaea, New York has exploded for 123 runs and have gone 18-3 compared to Boston’s paltry 11-9.


I’m starting to run out of Red Sox starters to support for Cy Young. My Spring Training pick, David Price, has been dealt a poor hand as of late; and Slick Rick Porcello reverted to his odd-year self and gave up some serious deep balls tonight. He avoided a complete meltdown and kept the Sox in the game considering, but the team really could’ve used another shut down performance from him.


Porcello gave up two solo home runs, which is fine in the big picture. He had a tough 3rd inning giving up three runs, including one of his homers given up to former Tampa Bay Ray great Matt Joyce. He got outs when he needed to and aside from this one poor inning, he had a respectable game.


The Red Sox bullpen didn’t really have a chance to blow anything this time, so that’s a good sign. Carson Smith managed to give up a run when Khris Davis took him to another planet, but that was the only smudge on the Sox’ bullpen. They threw three innings giving up only two hits and the one run.


The good part about this loss? J.D. Martinez is an absolute animal and went deep again tonight for his 11th of the season. Martinez continues to play, on the whole, much better than Giancarlo Stanton has in New York; but that gap is getting closer each time the Yanks take the field. Rafael Devers broke out of his mini slump, too, hitting his 7th dinger of the season against Manaea. Martinez and Devers tried to lead the rally in the 7th and 8th innings, but it was too little too late. The Sox drop the first game of this series with Oakland.


The Red Sox look to redeem themselves tomorrow, as they send Eduardo Rodriguez (3-0, 4.58) against Oakland righty Daniel Mengden (2-4, 4.06). Rodriguez hopes to build off of his promising start against Texas, where he showed some electric stuff and finally looked healthy. Mengden, on the other hand, doesn’t strike out a lot of guys, 10 in his last 3 starts and has only five walks all season. The point is, he pitches to contact. This should be a favorable match-up for the Red Sox as they need to bounce back and keep pace with the Yankees.


It’s also worth noting that Sox 2B Dustin Pedroia had a decent showing tonight with the PawSox, including a nice defensive snag as well as a base hit. The team also has activated troubled knuckle-baller Steven Wright, following his injury and 15 game suspension; they have sent Hector Velasquez to the 10-day DL to make roster room for him. By the time Velazquez is ready to return, could it mean the end of Blake Swihart in Boston? We’ll see.

Bruins Drop Second Straight to Tampa, Where Did It All Go Wrong?

What’s up everyone? This is Jameson Foley here with my first installment for The BossTown Brand. A brief introduction: I met Mr. Boss 9 years ago while attending Framingham State University and we have been great friends ever since. I have been following the game of hockey and the Boston Bruins my whole life. I have been a referee the past 3 years, so don’t expect any ref criticism here(although it is sometimes deserved!) To me, it is the greatest sport in the world and there is nothing else like it. So, let’s get started.

The Bruins came out flying in Game 1 and earned a huge 6-2 victory in Tampa to steal the home ice advantage away from the Lightning.  However, Games 2 and 3 were a much different story. A lot of things went wrong in both games and now the Bruins see themselves down 2-1 in the series with game 4 approaching on Friday.


What went wrong in Game 2?

The Bruins came out extremely flat in Game 2. It took them almost 15 minutes to register their first shot on goal and by that point they found themselves down 1-0 after Yanni Gourde was able to capitalize on the powerplay after Krug took a weak slashing penalty. The Bruins were able to tie the game at 1 before the period ended. In total they were outshot 10-8 in the first period and 31-20 to end the game.

Turnovers. Turnovers. Turnovers. The Bruins turned the puck over 13 times. If they want to beat this Tampa team, they cannot be turning the puck over this much. They need to control the game and they were unable to do so. Marchand had a very bad turnover with a little less than 6 minutes left in the game which led to Tampa taking a 3-1 lead and essentially ending the game. The Bruins need to take better care of the puck if they want to win this series.

The powerplay did not look good. The Bruins went 0-3 on the powerplay for the night including a lengthy 5 on 3 in which they were unable to get the puck in the net. Tampa was one of the worst penalty killing teams during the season and the Bruins need to take advantage of that.

The Positives

On the bright side, Boston was outplayed in almost every aspect of this game but still found themselves behind by only 1 goal most of the game. They did not play well but still had a chance to win this game. If they can improve on the powerplay and puck control they will be able to pull out a victory in this series.

Game 3:

What went wrong in Game 3?

This was a painful game to watch in all aspects. The Bruins came out as flat as they possibly could and quickly found themselves down 2-0. Tampa is not a team that will relinquish a 2 goal lead no matter how much time is left and last night they proved why they are the #1 seed in the east. Once again, a slow start hindered the Bruins with Tampa dominating the first period outshooting the Bruins 19-14 and taking a 3-1 lead into the dressing room. The Bruins were unable to overcome that deficit and ending up losing game three 4-1. Now the Bruins find themselves down 2-1 in this series.

Andrei Vasilevskiy was one of the best goalies in the league for the entire season. The Bruins were able to score 5 goals on him in Game 1. So, what happened? In Games 2 and 3 Tampa has been making his life too easy. They are blocking shot after shot and keeping the front of the net clear. If the Bruins want to beat Vasilevskiy, they must get people in front of the net. They need to limit his vision with screens and Tampa is not allowing them to do so. Tampa’s defense has stepped up in a big way and that is the reason they find themselves up 2-1 in the series.


Were there any positives to take from last night’s game? To be fair the Bruins played their worst game of the season but entering the third period they were still only down by 2 goals and still had a chance to win this game. They are keeping these games close, but they need to play better if they want to win.

Now we need to talk about Tuukka Rask. People who know me, know that I am probably Tuukka Rask’s biggest fan, but he deserves criticism as well. Tuukka needs to be better. In these last 2 games he has had very bad 1st periods. He is able to make big saves to keep the Bruins in the game but these saves are in the 2nd and 3rd periods while the team is already down. He needs to set the tone early and make these first period saves. They cannot afford to keep falling behind early in these games and Tuukka needs to be the elite goalie he is paid to be.

Keys to game 4:

More intensity. To avoid going down 3-1 heading back to Tampa the Bruins need to win the first period. They cannot come out flat and find themselves behind in the first period again. Tampa has shown, in the last 2 games, that they will not let that happen. The Bruins need to treat this like a Game 7 and come out with the win or go home mentality.

They need to get bodies in front of the net. Tampa has blocked 27 shots in the last 2 games. They are doing a great job at keeping the puck away from the net. The Bruins need to get in front of the net and prevent this. They need to take away Vasilveskiy’s vision to get pucks in the net.

Limit turnovers. Turnovers killed the Bruins in Games 2 and 3. These turnovers gave Tampa a lot of second chances and that offense is not one you want to give second chances to because they will capitalize. If they Bruins want to win they need to keep the puck out of their zone and stop giving away the puck.

Possession. If felt like the lightning controlled much of Game 3 and the Bruins never stood a chance of coming back, which was true. Tampa controlled the puck almost the entire game. They upped their pressure on the forecheck which led to many Boston turnovers. These turnovers never let Boston control the game and it showed. If the Bruins want to win Game 4 and even up this series heading back to Tampa, they need to control the puck and play their game.

Around the NHL:

San Jose vs Vegas

San Jose defeated Vegas 4-0 last night to even up their series at 2 headed back to Vegas. Marc Andre Fleury has been incredible so far this postseason for Vegas but he was out dueled by Martin Jones last night. The teams split their home games but I believe the home teams still have the advantage in the series and Vegas will prevail in a hard fought 7 game series. Game 5 is Friday night in Vegas.

Washington vs Pittsburgh

Washington leads 2-1 over Pittsburgh with game 4 being played tonight in Pittsburgh. The teams split in Washington and after a late Ovechkin goal to give the Caps a 4-3 victory, Washington took a 2-1 series lead. Washington looks to make it 3-1 heading back to Washington with a chance to close it out. Pittsburgh looks to even it up with a victory tonight. If history tells us anything, do not count the Penguins out. The Penguins have eliminated the capitals in each of the last 2 postseasons, so we have a lot of hockey left to play in this series. Could this be the Caps year to beat the Penguins? I believe that it is and the Caps will prevail in 6.

Winnipeg vs Nashville

Winnipeg currently leads the series 2-1 and is looking like the stronger team. After being down 3-0 early in 3 Winnipeg was able to score 4 unanswered goals and pull out a 7-4 victory over the President’s trophy winning Nashville Predators. This series is far from over, but Nashville faces a huge challenge tonight, in Winnipeg, to avoid going down 3-1 in the series. The Jets were the best team on home ice this season boasting a 32-7-2 record in front of their home crowd. The Jets should be able to take care of game 4 on home ice tonight and will take care of the Predators in 6 games. The winner of this series is looking like they will be the front runner to become the Stanley cup champions but anything can happen. Stay tuned.

Editor’s Note: Jameson Foley will be The BossTown Brand’s official specialized contributor for all things Bruins, NHL, and New England Revolution. Foley is a die hard Philadelphia Eagles fan and enjoys watching a Toronto Blue Jays game from time to time. Boston Bruins logo via Chris Creamer and his SportsLogos.net site. 

Herald: Remy Returning to Sox Booth in ’18

Image result for jerry remy

Winslow Townson/USA Today Sports
Boston Herald FORT MYERS — Jerry Remy returned to the Red Sox broadcast booth this afternoon, and during a brief appearance with Dave O’Brien and Steve Lyons, Remy announced that he’s completed his cancer treatment and expects to be back in the NESN booth on Opening Day.
“You know, it’s tough physically,” Remy said, speaking about his chemotherapy and radiation treatments. “It’s tough emotionally. But the fact is, the doctors are so good. You listen to the doctors and what they have to say, and as long as you’re seeing progress, you know, you feel good about it.”
Remy has been broadcasting for NESN since 1988 following a 10-year career as a Major League second baseman. He stepped away last season after a recurrence of lung cancer. 
“You know, you go to these places where you get the chemo and get the radiation,” Remy said, “and you get people sitting to your left, to your right, in front of you, behind you, all in probably, maybe, worse shape than you are, you know? So, there’s a lot of people with tremendous courage out there that really help you get through things like this. And, you know, one of the things that helps me get through is the thought of coming back and doing some baseball. And I made a promise last year that I’d be back for Opening Day.”
Remy went out of his way to praise the medical experts in and around Boston who have helped him through the process. 
“You get this information, and you gotta do exactly what the doctors say,” he said. “You know, we’re very fortunate that we have some of the best in the world up in our area, and to be able to listen to them, take their instruction. You don’t just battle your way through it. And you get positive signs as you go through it that make you feel good, and you get to a point where you feel things are turning the corner now. You feel a little bit better. But it’s difficult. I’m not going to lie. It’s very difficult to go through, and I don’t wish that on anybody, but I’ll tell ya that if you’re going to have it, the place to get treatment is up in the Boston area. That’s certainly the place.


Just great news reported today by the Boston Herald.  Beloved Red Sox color-commentator Jerry “RemDawg” Remy is feeling well enough to return to his duties for Opening Day 2018. Not only is Remy feeling well enough to return, but according to the article, has actually finished his cancer treatments.  Remy has had multiple battles with cancer over the past several seasons, and there was a lot of doubt leading into his availability for this season.  Remy promised the fans that he would be back for Opening Day, and it appears as if he is on-track to fulfill that promise he made last September.


Remy has been a cultural icon for several years now, but it would be hard to argue that he rose to prominence around the same time the modern-day Red Sox did. Remy, alongside partner Don Orsillo, were the voices of the Boston Red Sox throughout their conquering of the Curse of the Bambino, the sweep of the Colorado Rockies, and the 2013 Boston Strong season where they defeated the Cardinals.  Remy has a large following on the internet, The Remy Report, where he offers his insights on the team and interacts with fans.


Of course, anytime Remy is mentioned it is a good excuse to discuss his most famous call: The Pizza.

J.D. Martinez Ready For Boston?


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(AP Photo/John Minchillo)(John Minchillo)
Boston Herald FORT MYERS – As far as first impressions on the action front went, J.D. Martinez’ first Red Sox game was little on the slow side: two flyouts and two catches, one a nice, running thigh-high grab.
But as far a first look at Martinez’ feisty attitude, he made it clear that he will not get caught up in the hype surrounding the high expectations and pressure that will surround his arrival as the club’s savior in the power department.
“To me, I feel like you guys have the expectations, the fans and the media,” said Martinez, who played left field and batted fourth. “I’m just going to go out there and play my game and do what I’ve been doing the last four or five years. As far as the pressure and stuff goes, just try and go out there and try to play my game. Obviously ignore it. Playing in Boston, it’s a big market and there’s going to be a lot more but I think it will be a good test of handling it.”
So, it matters not to Martinez that he’s going to face scrums like today’s mid-game, mid-March one that gathered around his locker after that 0-for-2 outing.
“I don’t care,” said Martinez. “Like I said, I’ve done it for the last five years, I have nothing to prove right now in spring training. I just go out there and worry about me getting ready, that’s the way I’m looking at it.”
Martinez’ at-bats came against Minnesota’s Jake Odorizzi, a very good pitcher. He flew out to right field in his first at-bat, and then got jammed some in at-bat No. 2, and lined out on a soft fly to center field.
He said it usually takes him some 60 to 80 at-bats before feeling truly comfortable, but his first two were not bad.
“Good, I felt like I didn’t chase any balls outside of the zone, felt like I swung at some decent pitches,” said Martinez. “The ones I flew out on might have been a little bit up and in but they were close enough and I felt like I did a good enough job just not chasing.”


Well, J.D. Martinez is finally in Boston, and he does not seem to be holding back.  Michael Silverman caught up with Martinez in the aforementioned Boston Herald article, and while Spring Training has just begun; Martinez seems to be in mid-season form with handling the media.


The Martinez situation this entire off-season was on the radar of the Red Sox and their fans.  After the team failed to make a competitive offer for NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton, we saw the rival New York Yankees step up and acquire the player.  Under heavy amounts of pressure from the fans and media alike, President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski finally pulled the trigger to bring Martinez into the fold in Boston.


Martinez, from most accounts, is a reserved personality.  Under the major media spotlight that is Boston, this seems to be a direct conflict.  With guidance from former teammate and current Red Sox SP David Price, Martinez already has an idea as to what he can expect in Boston.  His encounter with Silverman proves that he is already becoming defensive.


“I feel like you guys have the expectations, the fans and the media” shows me that Martinez understands that he is expected to produce a lot in Boston, but he is quick to point out that those expectations are not his own. His only expectations are, as he described later on, as only being worried about “being out there and getting ready”. 


Martinez finally arrived to camp after a health-related delay in his official signing, and has handled the situation in stride.  Martinez is well-liked by his teammates, and as today’s article in the Herald proves– he’s ready for Boston.