Florio: Pats Tried to Trade Gronkowski after Monster Meltdown up to Three Days Before Draft

PFT’S Mike Florio reported today that according to one of his league sources, who was unnamed, “The Patriots were calling other teams about a possible Gronkowski trade as recently as three days before the draft.”

I discussed this part of the Gronkowski timeline on Episode 03 of The BossTown Podcast , this means that it took only two days after Gronkowski’s now infamous Monster Energy Press Conference for Belichick to pick up the phone and put his pants back on after Gronk took them off on a national stage. A friendly reminder of the absurdity that Gronkowski displayed on that day:

The only reason why it took two days for the trade talks to pick up has to be because Belichick was busy doing other things that weekend with Linda Holliday. One look at her Instagram shows that The Lady and The Coach had themselves quite the off-season doing fancy famous people things.


Is it totally out of the realm of possibility that Belichick was on a weekend get away with his girlfriend, and then had to come back to the office on Monday and see this plopped on his desk? Monday’s are usually rough as it is. Think of your own Monday rituals. Now, imagine you are the best Head Coach in the history of sports and  your All-Pro TE decided to make you look ridiculous over the weekend.  Add the fact that I could almost guarantee Belichick isn’t the type of guy who is going to check his work e-mail on vacation, he walked into a hornet’s nest on the morning of April 23rd. A case of the Monday’s indeed.

It only took until the next available business day after the Gronk Charade Parade for the Patriots to try and ship him out of town, albeit unsuccessfully. Belichick has proven to us with the Jimmy G trade that he does not care about getting the best value in return for his assets. So, why is it that he didn’t just ship him off to Tennessee or San Francisco for whatever he could get? The answer is that someone stopped him from doing it. Was it RKK or TB12?

As We All Suspected: Brady and Gronkowski Spotted at Gillette


Albert Breer, NFL Expert from MMQB and SI casually dropped the line that Brady was back in the building. No big deal. Just throwing it into an article that is headlined by the Dolphins. Just sneaking it in there Bert. Breer does give a lot of great information about Adam Gase and the Dolphins, a team Breer always has the pulse of.


The meat of the matter is that both Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski were spotted at Gillette today and that both of them will be participating in the mandatory camp that begins this week. I believe there was a lot of unnecessary panic driven by the Boston media all off-season leading up to this point. This is not to say that both of these guys missing voluntary workouts is not a big deal, however, I think it is much better than a full-blown holdout. Having the quarterback that is considered to be possibly the greatest player of all-time not showing up for voluntary workouts is a bad look. It’s also a bad look when the owner of the team is making excuses for him not being there. This is the final version of Tom Brady. He never missed these optional training camps before. He made it a point to earn everything and participate for, what we were told, was the benefit of the team. Now, after a soul-crushing loss in the Super Bowl, Brady is delaying work on getting this season going and trying to chase another Lombardi Trophy. Could it be that Brady is finally deciding to rest on his laurels? How is Coach Belichick going to treat Brady upon his return to practice? As Breer mentions, is this just the beginning of the public friction between these parties?


The man who could quite possibly be a top-five all-time tight end Rob Gronkowski, in my opinion, had a worse off-season than Tom Brady. Gronkowski had the circus of the WWE and retirement surrounding him right after the Super Bowl ended. He spoke about contemplating retirement during his post-game interview after Belichick blew the game. He did nothing to stop the WWE speculation, he let it build, and used social media to perpetuate the unknown and add more fuel to the fire. Gronkowski reached the apex of his disrespect after his bizarre Monster Energy Press Conference where he, for lack of better terms, spit on the flying Elvis and everything the public was lead to believe it stood for.


The clock is ticking for the Patriots. Hopefully everyone involved: Kraft, Belichick, Brady, and Gronkowski all realize that they’re on borrowed time and do their best to not sabotage any further chances they may have at winning another championship. This tension could very well mean that we have seen the combination of Brady and Belichick in the Super Bowl together for the last time. If that ends up being what history decides, then the Malcolm Butler decision will linger with their legacies.

Why Does Major League Baseball Hate the Future?

No surprise here, the NFL is front and center for a money-making opportunity. 

There are a few questions that came to mind when the announcement of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling regarding legalized sports betting: How fast is this going to happen? What will happen to DraftKings? Will there be any resistance?


The speed of the decision depends on where you live.  DraftKings is ready to go. But, will there be any push back from any of the Big Four sports? As you could’ve guessed, Major League Baseball is not happy with the way things are going. This Article from ESPN goes in depth and shows how Manfred was pleading not only with the state of West Virginia, but the entire nation, to delay their decision on sports betting. Manfred even asked us to think of the poor children!


Of course, when presented with this ruling, the NFL handled things completely differently. Commissioner Roger Goodell isn’t fighting what is clearly written on the wall. He wants to get the most out of this decision for the NFL, as seen in point two in his four point plan. He wants to make a lot of money on licensing, which means partnerships are going to be huge for this.


Adam Silver and the NBA are already discussing creative ways leagues should be compensated. The NBA proposes that each league get a 1% cut of the total amount bet on their games. The NBA is doing more for MLB than MLB is in this situation!


Do you know how bad it is for baseball? It is so bad that even Gary Bettman has a great outlook on how this ruling can impact the growth of his game; even though he was against the ruling initially. Even Bettman can accept that this could have positives for the future of his sport.


Hopefully Major League Baseball can come to its senses before it’s too late, but they will go kicking and screaming. Poor Pete Rose.