Florio: Pats Tried to Trade Gronkowski after Monster Meltdown up to Three Days Before Draft

PFT’S Mike Florio reported today that according to one of his league sources, who was unnamed, “The Patriots were calling other teams about a possible Gronkowski trade as recently as three days before the draft.”

I discussed this part of the Gronkowski timeline on Episode 03 of The BossTown Podcast , this means that it took only two days after Gronkowski’s now infamous Monster Energy Press Conference for Belichick to pick up the phone and put his pants back on after Gronk took them off on a national stage. A friendly reminder of the absurdity that Gronkowski displayed on that day:

The only reason why it took two days for the trade talks to pick up has to be because Belichick was busy doing other things that weekend with Linda Holliday. One look at her Instagram shows that The Lady and The Coach had themselves quite the off-season doing fancy famous people things.


Is it totally out of the realm of possibility that Belichick was on a weekend get away with his girlfriend, and then had to come back to the office on Monday and see this plopped on his desk? Monday’s are usually rough as it is. Think of your own Monday rituals. Now, imagine you are the best Head Coach in the history of sports and  your All-Pro TE decided to make you look ridiculous over the weekend.  Add the fact that I could almost guarantee Belichick isn’t the type of guy who is going to check his work e-mail on vacation, he walked into a hornet’s nest on the morning of April 23rd. A case of the Monday’s indeed.

It only took until the next available business day after the Gronk Charade Parade for the Patriots to try and ship him out of town, albeit unsuccessfully. Belichick has proven to us with the Jimmy G trade that he does not care about getting the best value in return for his assets. So, why is it that he didn’t just ship him off to Tennessee or San Francisco for whatever he could get? The answer is that someone stopped him from doing it. Was it RKK or TB12?

Biggest Takeaway from Belichick’s Press Conference



Screencap from @Patriots Twitter


Is that Charlie Daniels or Bill Belichick? Wow! This is the first time I can ever recall seeing Belichick with any type of facial hair whatsoever. Clearly this entire situation with Brady and Gronkowski has driven him to the edge. Belichick is not a beard guy. Never has been. Not sure if this is a great decision at this point in his career. Even the guy behind him can’t believe that Bill is crazy enough to try and pull this off.